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L2B Blog: Why Specify?

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Why Specify?

What does it mean to specify? According to Dictionary.com the definition of “specify” is:

“verb (used with object), specified, specifying”

  1. to mention or name specifically or definitely, state in detail: He did not specify the amount needed
  2. to give a specific character to
  3. to set forth as specification
  4. to name or state as a condition: He specified that he be given my power of attorney
  5. to make a specific mention or statement

In the instance where specify is mentioned in the building and construction industry, we can take it to mean: “state in detail” and that is what is done. Whether you are building a house or a hospital, there are specifications that are required with regards to methods of construction or even material standards. For more on these specifications, take a look at the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications Act of 2008 (Act No 5 of 2008) (https://www.thedti.gov.za/business_regulation/acts/national_regulator_act.pdf and other helpful websites are http://sans10400.co.za/ and https://www.sabs.co.za/)

Regarding other items to specify in the construction of a building, those could be chosen according to the owner’s choice. For instance, the type of bathroom you are envisioning would depend on the accessories you choose. You can specify the tiles – type, colour, manufacturer, etc:


(Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org)


(Photo credit: pixabay.com)


The type of window – wooden, steel, aluminium, etc:

(Photo credit: iha.com)


(Photo credit: iha.com)


The shower door – sliding door or not, etc:

(Photo credit: iha.com)


(Photo credit: iha.com)


The specific type of bath, toilet, wash basin, etc. Everything depends on what you wish the end result to be and to that end, you can specify to your heart’s content.







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