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L2B Blog: Mastering the art of cold calling, tips for successful B2B Sales

Mastering the art of cold calling, tips for successful B2B Sales

Mastering the art of cold calling, tips for successful B2B sales

Cold calling provides selling opportunities to your external sales team, it’s the ability to interact with potential subscribers and entice them into wanting to know more about your company and what you can offer. It can be a very challenging career to have as you do come across some individuals that don’t particularly like interacting with telesales staff. That being said, we have the privilege of interacting with some of the nicest people within our industry.

Telesales staff must be highly motivated individuals who have a sales spirit and enjoy interacting with people, they need to be confident and ensure they take nothing personally. Curiosity is vital to ensure success in cold calling.

When calling a potential client the fundamentals are:

  • Doing your homework – It is important to ensure you gather as much information about the client before you call, potential clients appreciate an agent who has done their homework.
  • Contact with the correct person – this will increase your level of success; the decision maker will see potential in an idea that will grow their business.
  • Listening skills – understanding what the potential client requires in order for them to get things done in an easy no fuss manner, business owners want results.
  • Asking the correct questions – in order to ascertain how we can best assist them in satisfying their business’s needs. Ensure your timing is correct; if they sound busy rather suggest calling them back.
  • Knowledge – You cannot sell what you don’t understand so knowledge is definitely important, if you know your product or service you are able to answer questions efficiently.
  • Attitude – towards your potential client is equally important, if you believe in your product or service the potential client will be more inclined to have a look at what you offer.
  • Confidence – When you sound confident in your ability to lead them to the right product or service they will be open to listening to your sales call.
  • Tone on the phone – We speak to a variety of potential clients from all walks of life and it is very important to establish a rapport over the phone, ensuring you don’t use jargon that is not always understood.


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time.” – Thomas A Edison

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I started working at Leads 2 Business in May 2009, and have served as Head of Department of Telesales and Administration from 2010 until the present. I oversee both the Telesales department as well as the Administration of our Johannesburg Office.

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