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Interbuild Africa 2014 from the Inside Out





Leads 2 Business attended and exhibited at Interbuild Africa 2014 Exhibition.    I came to thinking post event how one would determine if an event has been successful or not.  In my musings, I came up with a few possible factors influencing a successful event.


  1. Location of event
  2. Number of visitors seen
  3. Number of leads gained
  4. Branding Exercise
  5. Networking and relationship building

Depending on who you are asking you will probably get a combination of the above as an answer.

The L2B stand was situated in Hall 6 down the main centre aisle and near the ‘Free to Attend Seminars’ area where Industry visitors could attend relevant workshops and Professionals attending could tick off getting their CPD points on a their checklist of things to do.  We weren’t too far from the food area (which is always a good thing in my opinion – both for the exhibitors and the visitors) and we were surrounded by some great looking exhibits too. It also wasn’t a bad thing that our stunning staff were standing by, ready to chat to visitors from our well branded and beautifully designed stand.


The coffee bar also ensured that the throngs of visitors (Interbuild had almost 7000) stopping by had something hot to drink and also tended to get folk curious about what we ACTUALLY do.  Yes, the cappuccinos were that good.  It was something that ensured repeat visits and reinforcement of our brand and its services.  But I digress…. The competition we ran also ensured we had no lack of willing participants dropping their business cards in the designated competition box to try their luck.  As it turned out, Niels Eichhorn of Aluglass Bautech is one lucky man; walking away with the coveted Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 2014 Edition tablet.  Not bad for 5 seconds work!


We had no lack of genuinely interested parties in what our Construction Information can do and how it can be tailored to their business systems.  Some it turns out, have joined us post Interbuild and are already up and running!  I daresay that Interbuild is the beginning of some very sturdy business relationships and the networking definitely gave us an opportunity to begin building these relationships.


So in summary, I would say that it is a combination of the above listed factors that make a successful exhibition and with this reasoning in place, it was most definitely a success.


Leads 2 Business would also like to thank the organisers for putting together such a polished event and making sure that we were well taken care of during our time there.  Also, a big thank you to all our visitors.  It was great meeting everyone and hearing more about what it is our visitors do for a living as well as their opportunities and challenges.  I don’t think I’d be overstepping the mark in congratulating and thanking the dedicated staff that made it all happen.  You are amazing.


Personally, being the person that spent the most time behind the cappuccino machine, I believe that we were definitely the most hospitable stand there.  Just saying.

Me? Biased?   Not at all. Why would you think that?

Reporting post event from KwaZulu-Natal, that’s a wrap for now.  See you at the next event!




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