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Insurance: Expectation vs. Reality

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Insurance: Expectation vs. Reality

That Piece of Paper that helps you:

  1.  Own a home
  2.  Drive a vehicle
  3.  Help cover healthcare costs and legal expenses

The Question I think should be asked is:

Do we fully understand the contract deals, terms?
Truth be told, your broker can never explain EVERYTHING to you and who has the time to read all the fine print? Hence we then make hasty decisions based on our expectations.
Some of us get sold with a just a single telephone call without giving ourselves time to study the facts.

Expectations vs Reality

Our Expectations:

Can be based on a lot:

How well known is the insurance company?
How long has the company been around?
Who uses them?
How often and how well the company trends and advertises themselves.
Positive feedback from existing clients

An individual has the following expectations:

  • A Lump sum pay-out
  • No premium increases
  • Saving
  • Expect the Insurance company to be on your side
  • Get a pay-out even when we know that our premiums have not been constant
  • Inherited pay-outs

The Reality:

Insurance can offer you a second chance, a new beginning and a brighter future if all is correct and in order.

  • There is an insurance that suits you
  • Insurance cover is generally much cheaper when you are younger and healthier
  • You can insure just about anything these days
  • Think about the effects of missing one premium
  • Some Insurance pay-outs are TAXED
  • Insurance is a piece of mind, you rest well knowing you are protected


Accidents and Death are unfortunately inevitable for every home no matter the age, we will all come across unexpected issues in life that would require us to be able to take care of ourselves.



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