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How To: View our FAQs

Do you have a Frequently Asked Question you’d like us to answer? Leave a comment and let us know or view our Leads 2 Business FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) as we may already have answered it.
Find out how – here’s a quick video tutorial from “The How To Series”.

(Duration 59s)

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Millennial Mom + wife living the hash-tag life. Reach out if you want to talk: L2B, social media, construction, technology, marriage, parenting, popular culture and travel. Remember: If You Fail - Fail Forward

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  1. Frans Gerber
    | Reply

    Hello,please I need advice.What is the best Cost Management and Cost Estimate software available for small construction company

  2. Communication is a vital part of everyday lives.

    • Sasha Anderson
      | Reply

      Good Day Bathuele,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We value your feedback.

  3. Samuel
    | Reply

    Do you have some short courses to help people to start business?

    • Sasha Anderson
      | Reply

      Good Day Samuel,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.We provide construction related project and tender information for our subscribers. If you would like to subscribe please email us on support@l2b.co.za

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