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Featured Project: 390MW Atinkou Power Plant, Jacqueville, Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast – PPA 23174

Construction and operation of the Ciprel V 390 MW natural gas-fired power plant in Jacqueville, 50 km west of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The Project is designed as a combined cycle including: a 265 MW gas turbine and a 125 MW steam turbine as well as the balance of plant including the closed-circuit water-cooling system (forced-draft), water treatment plant (including demineralization processes), effluent treatment and sewage treatment plant, lubrication system, compressed air system and fire extinguishing infrastructures and administrative buildings. The plant will be connected to the network through a 400kV switch yard that will be constructed on a parcel adjacent to the project site. The raw water will be supplied from boreholes and stored within the raw water/fire water tank. The entire project is to be built on a new site and will be constructed and operated under a 20-year Build-Own-Operate-Transfer concession agreement. The project cost is valued at €404 million. The exact co-ordinates are currently not available however the approximate area of location is 5.2568001, -4.3295238


Status Region
Underway Ivory Coast
Category Value
Building R 200 Million+
Industry Timing
Power Grid 2019 onwards (duration of contract 27 months)
Sector Class
Public Private Partnership Invited/Negotiated


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