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Cheap is not always Better – You get what you Pay for

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Everyone wants to save an extra rand! However, in our pursuit of savings, there are areas where we should not skip especially when it comes to building a home, regardless of the size or location, its always costly… and these days with the cost of living only getting higher, building a home has become increasingly expensive.

When we think of building a home… the first things that normally come to mind are: “Bricks, sand, roofing, tools, painting oh and lets not forget the labour.”

Anyone who has built a home or considered building a home has likely heard the term “builder grade/ Contractor grade” materials. These matertials are just for temporary use not long term measures. When there are so many details to consider, a potential homebuilder may not look as deeply into understanding what these materials are and how they can affect your home down the road.

For example: Bricks: we know for one that it is time consuming because it cannot be used in high seismic zones. Bricks absorb water easily, therefore that can cause flouroscene when not exposed to air. We know that bricks have a less textile strength and the rough surfaces of bricks cause mold growth if not properly cleaned. The cleaning of brick surfaces is a job that can be quite difficult because the colour of low quality brick changes when it is exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Everyone wants to save these days and we see this everywhere, with our clothes and electronics and even food. However, when it comes to our assets like our homes, cars and jewellery we need to consider spending a few extra rands. We really need to think of the long term effect and whether the specific item will last us for the next 10 or even 15 years. We tend to spend because an item is on sale not necessarily because we need it at the time. Time! Yes, it is such an imperative factor, because it is something we can never get back. Let us ask ourselves, is this going to sustain me for the next 10 years or will this perish within a few months.
When we consider Building, we see that it is about creation. We create with the heart, but we envision from the mind. We create to help and support people but in order to do that in a way that is effective and long lasting, we need to be able to forecast the unpredictable weather conditions like the current flood we are experiencing throughout KwaZulu Natal.

“Cheap is not always better, you should get what you paid for!”

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