Tunisia Economic City - Sports City (Artist impression)

Description: Construction of a sports city for a new mixed-use development to be known as Tunisia Economic City in Tunisia, North Africa. The Sports City will consist of 2.75% land area / 0.9 million m² GFA / 0.36 FAR and includes stadiums, arenas, Olympic village, training facilities, 5 star hotels, equestrian themed residential development, motor sports facilities. The new economic city creates the opportunity for serious pursuit of an Olympic and/or world cup bid, putting Tunisia in the center of international attention. This new city is located in Enfidha District in close proximity to the Enfidha Al-hammamat International airport which can help initially to speed up the building of the city. The 90 square kilometers project with an 18 kilometers beach front modern sustainable and eco-friendly metropolis will be the home of 500,000 inhabitants and will provide 250,000 jobs once completed within 15 years from now. Estimated project value : US$ 50 billion.

Status: Procedural

Type (Industry): Building

Region: Tunisia

Sector: Private

Value: R 100 million+

Timing: 2015 onwards.

Notes: In the meantime, and with the frequent changes of the successive governments of the country, the project was blocked because it did not find the necessary support of the Tunisian authorities who were skeptical about its seriousness and the ability of its initiators to implement it. The former Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation even asked in early 2016, for its initiators to deposit a guarantee of 250 million dinars in a Tunisian bank account to obtain the land and the necessary authorizations. But it seems that Ridha Saïdi has finally relaunched it and has even managed in recent days to obtain the agreement of the government to sign very soon the memorandum of understanding with its investors.

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