Artist's impression of new Jinja Bridge

Description: The Government of Republic of Uganda has received a loan from Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) towards cost of construction of a new bridge across River Nile at Jinja in Uganda, East Africa. The new bridge will be 525 metres long, with dual lanes and three span cables, making it the largest in the country. GPS Coordinates : 0.4375°N 33.1875°E Estimated project value : $135 million.

Status: Underway

Type (Industry): Infrastructure

Region: Uganda

Sector: Public

Value: R100 million+

Timing: Completion due in first quarter of 2018.

Notes: One of the 21 stay cables to be put on the 526m long cable-stayed bridge across the Nile in Jinja has been installed. This is the first ever cable to be installed at the new Nile bridge in Jinja. The major challenging works in the water which included creating an artificial island, fracturing through the deep rocks underwater and socketing piles into the hard rocks are now complete. Road construction works which were also in progress, with section 2 embankment works on the Jinja side are also completed. Embankment section 5 and 6 and drainage works on the Njeru side are on-going. The box culvert was completed while the retaining wall is almost complete, with only one block remaining. The construction of the bridge is on course and substantial completion is expected in April 2018.

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