Expansion of Jwaneng Diamond Mine

Description: Debswana has started Cut 8, a 3bn project to deepen Jwaneng, an open-cast operation going down 330m. This project will allow Jwaneng to mine 102- million more carats. Cut 8 will nearly double the depth of the mine and extend its life by seven years to 2024. Two further cuts (cuts 9 and 10) are being considered to further enlarge the size of the Jwaneng pit and deepen it to 850m, which is estimated to be the financial limit of the open-cast operation.

Status: Tender

Type (Industry): Infrastructure

Region: Botswana

Sector: Public Private Partnership

Value: R 100 million+

Timing: 2016 onwards.

Notes: Please see DTA 633178, Contract number: JWA-E84307 (Expression of interest) – Debswana, Tender Reference: Cut 9 mining works at Jwaneng Mine, for all relevant tender document details pertaining to this Project Lead. There is no site inspection date listed and the closing date is 24 May 2017 at 12:00 (Local Time). Please click on the “View the # lead related to this Project” to view the linked DTA.

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