Crude Oil Pipeline, Uganda / Tanzania Map

Description: Construction of a heated, 1.445km-long, 24-inch diameter crude oil pipeline between Uganda and Tanzania which is expected to start pumping Ugandan oil to international markets in three years which is part of the East African Pipeline Project. The oil pipeline would start in Buseruka sub-county, Hoima District, in Uganda’s Western Region. It would travel in a general southeasterly direction to pass through Masaka in Uganda, Bukoba in Tanzania, loop around the southern shores of Lake Victoria, continue through Shinyanga and Siginda, to end in Tanga, Tanzania. This pipeline will be the longest electrically heated crude oil pipeline in the world and will be heated so it can keep highly viscous crude oil liquid enough to flow. Estimated project value: $3.55 billion. Approximate : GPS Coordinates : -1.236979, 31.671879999999987

Status: Tender

Type (Industry): Infrastructure

Region: Tanzania

Sector: Private

Value: R 100 million+

Timing: Completion now due in 2020.

Notes: Please see DTA 639165, Contract number: REF/10004512 – TOTAL Dar es Salaam, Tender Reference: Provision of Pipeline Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPcm) Services, for all relevant tender document details pertaining to this Project Lead. There are no site inspection details and the closing date is 12 June 2017 at 17:00 (Local Time). Please click on the “View the # lead related to this Project” to view the linked DTA.

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