Colluli Potash Project, Eritrea

Description: South Boulder Mines plans to open the world’s first open-pit potash mine in Eritrea in North Africa in 2016. To be known as Colluli Potash Project. Colluli is the world’s shallowest potash deposit and is accessible as low as 16m below the surface. They are targeting an initial production rate of between one and two million tonnes of potash. The project will be completed in phases. Phase 1 of the project is estimated at $298 million and the capital cost of Phase II at $175 million

Status: Procedural

Type (Industry): Infrastructure

Region: Eritrea

Sector: Private

Value: R100 million+

Timing: Due to start production in 2018.

Notes: Danakali has awarded engineering and construction company Fluor the front-end engineering and design (Feed) and optimisation contract for the Colluli potash project.Fluor will provide a design and optimisation team with process infrastructure credentials for this important fertiliser project. The company will also provide project financing assistance to help Danakali advance the project to the next phase.

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