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“Where do I start?”  The question we get so often.  The best answer is really, what do you do and where do you do it?  Let me explain.  Our service offerings can be used by almost anyone in the Construction industry.  Yes, Professionals, Contractors, Sub Contractors, Vendors, Suppliers and Manufacturers.  Everyone fits in in a different way.  But depending on the size of the contracts you normally take on and the regions you work in, you will look at different types of leads.


Open Quotes

Our Directory is like the Yellow Pages of the Construction Industry. You can search Companies, Services, Products and People.  The biggest benefit is it is used by people in (and out of actually) the Construction industry to source contacts.  Main Contractors use this same Directory to send electronic price requests to their Preferred Suppliers, while Companies also receive E-RfQ’s to price and market themselves from.  It is a platform that enables passive marketing and is used proactively by many Companies as a tool to market themselves from. But don’t worry, you can also actively market yourself by seeing which Contractors are pricing Bills (BoQ’s) that have your scope of works in them and approach them with pricing. In addition to this, you can actively view Award notifications that include your line of work awarded to Main Contractors too.

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To spend your day looking for Tenders on websites, newspapers, Government Gazettes and other publications is not Ayoba.  Especially considering it is so easy to still miss the one Tender you are looking for.  Wouldn’t you rather just put that time into actually putting your bid together and targeting the business you want?  Less fuss, more focus.  That is exactly what we can provide you with.  One source for your industry specific Tenders on a daily basis.  No, that is not the sound of angels singing, it is the sound of your business cashing on the contracts you could be getting.  Give us a call and let us tell you more about how our tender notification service can grow your Business. For more info Click here



You hear that a new Project is going to be developed and you just know that you can give them exactly what they need.  But you have no idea on where to even begin finding details of the Project.  You can scour the newspapers (may be useful), you can ask around with friends (word of mouth is helpful) but in all honesty, it can be a fruitless experience.  Instead, you click a button, type in a name and ka-boom the information is displayed on the screen.  For real!  Not only that, but you can receive updates on what happens on that Project right throughout its development so that you have various points of business opportunity during its life cycle.  Yes, that is the bank manager calling you to tell you that your business is now looking so much healthier.  And who are you to argue? You made a sound investment in your future by getting our Project leads.

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Leads 2 Quotes (L2Q)

Standing for hours faxing price requests is no fun. But your spreads are your livelihood, so you stand and fax.  Imagine, if you will, a system that can make the whole process electronic and bring you prices before you know it.  The revolutionary L2Q does just that.  The electronic bill is sent to our competent team who magically convert it into the necessary format.  When you are notified that it has been uploaded to your profile, you can log in and send it out trade by trade to your Suppliers by simply identifying them and clicking a send button.  Make sure your check your e-mail regularly though, the responses do tend to come in rather fast.  Once you have all that you need, you can compile your bid.  It’s like sliced bread.  Simple and satisfying.

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